Jul 292013

This is a forum on the internet.  Please DO NOT use this for your only source of information because I am not at all responsible for the content or the postings here.  It is just a service that I provide to help you get answers to your questions. PLEASE DO NOT use this forum as a substitute for legal, tax, roofing, inspector (you get the idea) or real estate advise from a licensed professional.  This forum is merely a general question and answer forum.  All real estate situations are unique in their own way and what you are reading may not apply specifically to your transaction or your situation.  In other words if you take the advise on this forum without checking it with a professional, I am not responsible for that.  If a business is listed here it does not mean we recommend or endorse it.  PLEASE SEEK ADVISE FROM LICENSED PROFESSIONALS LIKE A LAWYER, ACCOUNTANT, INSPECTOR or CALL ME FOR REAL ESTATE ADVISE at 303-503-8793.

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